Swiggy, Blinkit and others will not ship this product to Android users

Swiggy, flashes and other app-based hyperlocal delivery apps have taken care of one of our biggest headaches, going to buy groceries. These apps deliver anything or everything you want to your doorstep in minutes. However, there is a product that you cannot find on the android version of Swiggy, Dunzo or any other hyperlocal delivery app. And this product is the tobacco.
Why are tobacco products banned on Android?
Yes, you cannot order tobacco products on any of the hyperlocal delivery apps on Android, be it Swiggy, Dunzo or Zepto. But why? Well, that’s because Google play store does not facilitate the sale of tobacco products. Quite simply, Google does not allow apps on the play store that sell tobacco or even e-cigarettes or vape pens. Also, apps that promote tobacco products are not allowed to be listed on the Play Store. And that’s why Swiggy, Dunzo, and other hyperlocal services can’t sell cigarettes or alcohol on their Android apps.
“We don’t allow apps that facilitate the sale of tobacco (including e-cigarettes and vapers) or promote the illegal or inappropriate use of alcohol or tobacco,” reads Google’s policy page at inappropriate content.
However, you can order tobacco products from these hyperlocal services using the iOS version of any of these apps. Also, a few apps have found a reversal of Google’s policy, which allows these companies to sell tobacco on Android smartphones.
As far as we know, Google updated its Play Store policy earlier this year in January, including tobacco and alcohol in the list of inappropriate content. Soon, these hyperlocal services, including Swiggy, Dunzo, and others, began removing tobacco products listed on their app in accordance with Google’s new policy. But before that, tobacco products were easily available on the Android version of these apps.


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