Simplify Sales Processes with Walnut’s New Industry-Leading Product Suite

When exploring SaaS products, buyers don’t necessarily know the value of the product until about the tenth meeting. Customers typically go through endless cycles and tedious stages of presales, SDRs, and EAs, but end up with a generic demo like any other prospect, often resulting in low profits and unhappy customers. As the market continually evolves, the need for disruption in B2B sales is becoming increasingly evident. Walnut, the world’s first and leading retail experience platform, plans to revolutionize the retail industry with its latest suite of products – Walnut Beyond Demos.

Walnut Beyond Demos aims to provide sales and marketing teams with access to unprecedented data to help them effectively analyze, evaluate and predict buyer behavior throughout the sales process. Plus, this industry-leading sales platform provides demo communication tools, allowing sales reps to meet their prospects’ needs in real time. Not only does this improve accuracy, but it also increases the chances of conversion.

Real-time interaction

Walnut Beyond Demos allows sales reps to respond to prospects in real time, addressing their needs, questions, and concerns immediately. This feature offers two outstanding benefits: a) it allows salespeople to customize their demo based on the prospect’s needs and requirements, and b) it drives profitability – more leads served, more chance of ROI. On the customer side, this creates an engaging and personalized experience that is fast, efficient and cost-effective. They get what they need to know immediately in a fraction of the time of outdated sales models.

Data-driven feedback

Sales reps rely on the reception to improve, adjust, and reshape their interaction tactics for more successful future demonstrations. With Beyond Demos’ automatic engagement scoring feature, they receive 100% data-driven feedback that lets them know their strengths and weaknesses. With this, salespeople can prepare and prepare for their next prospect, knowing exactly what to do.

Visual flow analysis

The best feature of Beyond Demos that sellers can take advantage of is its visual feed analysis. This allows reps to see how their prospects are clicking during demos, time spent on pages, and which features they are clicking on the most. Walnut collects and analyzes data and helps reps understand demo flow and engagement patterns and determine which aspects of the demo are working and which are not.

Beyond Demos doesn’t just answer questions; they also show the how, essentially providing a visual presentation that explains how reps can maneuver their business.

Adapts to existing enterprise systems

Beyond Demos is ideal for startups and large enterprises as its extensive functionality easily integrates into existing workflows. Consolidating data from Walnut’s native integration with CRM platforms (e.g. Hubspot, Salesforce) allows sales reps to get a 360 degree view of their prospects on a single platform. This feature enables sales reps to make fast, data-driven decisions that make sales cycles efficient for both parties.

Beyond Demos is Walnut’s movement to advance the B2B sales disruption. With customers like Adobe and Dell attesting to the extensive analytics platform and innovative solutions, Walnut’s newest product is positioned as one of the most powerful and effective tools in the industry.

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