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YOUNGSTOWN – Eastern Gateway Community College has partnered with a Ventura, CA-based cannabis education program to offer three new certificates for learning from seed to sale in the fast-growing cannabis industry .

Green Flower and EGCC have already started offering the courses for the Cultivation Technician, Manufacturing Agency and Dispensary Associate certificates.

“Eastern Gateway has always been an innovative and creative institution in the examination of growing industries”, said Art Daly, senior vice president of EGCC’s Youngstown campus. “We want to be in these spaces. We had the chance to meet their team and have a dialogue about creating opportunity in one of the fastest growing industries in the country…”

Each certificate program lasts eight weeks and is offered entirely online. Students can register and start the courses which cost $900 at any time. Upon completion, graduates will have access to Green Flower’s partnership with, an industry placement platform. Everyone who graduates with Green Flower is automatically elevated to the top of the job board.

The arrangement with EGCC is Green Flower’s first partnership in Ohio.

“What we do as a company, we partner with higher education institutions to power their cannabis programs. We basically select only a few schools in each state where we see an opportunity to support the growing cannabis industry, so that’s what brought us to Art,” said Max Simon, CEO of Green Flower.

Ohio is a high-potential market due to its successful and well-regulated medical marijuana program that Simon expects to expand to legalize adult recreational use.

“Where things get exciting and exponential is where adult use is online and what we know for sure, once you have a medical program in a state that’s going well, which is happening in Ohio, it’s literally only a matter of time before that transitions to an adult use market,” said Simon.

“When this happens, you’ll often see an already growing market (have) 300-500% growth in the very first year of execution and a huge amount of new jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities,” said Simon.

Courses are non-credit and are offered through EGCC’s Career Accelerator Service. They are not eligible for federal financial aid or covered under the EGCC Gateway Guarantee of Free College Benefit programs.

The cultivation certificate is “all about how to grow cannabis in a compliant way”, says Simon, while the manufacturing certificate is about “how do you take the plant and translate it into different products.”

“Once the products are finished, whether it’s a flower grown by a grower or a product made by a manufacturer, we now have the dispensary associate’s certificate, which teaches people to s ‘interface with customers, how to provide good recommendations and service and how to run a compliant retail business’, said Simon.

Each program provides skills training for entry-level positions to leadership positions.

EGCC has already taken the first steps to begin building relationships with a local dispensary owner about the possibility of internships.

“We envision a long-term career in this industry could earn you between $60,000 and $70,000, and that’s only in our area,” Dally said.

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