Nike pays its employees 5,000 euros to recommend candidates for certain technical positions

Nike has announced internally that it will be implementing a new program that will provide workers $5,000 bonus (4,900 euro) To recommend candidates for your technology sector, as you have seen internal business,

“Employee referrals have a huge impact on our brand, our business and our teams because they know firsthand how important our culture is and what it takes to be successful,” signed by Chief Digital Officer Ratnakar Lavu and Dennis Hadley of Reads email. Vice President of Global Technology.

internal business She had access to a copy of this email sent to workers last week which describes the program as a pilot test applied to “specific positions” in the United States. Therefore, it is not clear if the program extends to other non-technical roles.

Naik, for his part, did not answer questions through this channel.

Sporting company announcement comes as multinational tries to shut down Employee abandonment and dissatisfaction In full digital transformation, accelerated in 2020.

As part of this metamorphosis, Nike launched a new global enterprise resource planning system, or ERP, the technology system and backbone to drive more sales and is led by Nike CEO John Donahoe.

ERP system It was introduced in China last July. In a conference call with analysts, Donahoe explained that the system is expected to be operational in North America in fiscal year 2024, starting next summer.

“This year, we will begin to see the value of our biggest investment in Nike’s digital transformation: our new ERP,” the manager explained during a presentation.

Nike’s most popular sneakers hit their lofty environmental goals

“As we move towards a more consumer-centric future, a new ERP will be essential to add speed and agility to our supply chain,” he said.

This, Donahoe explained, will provide real-time inventory visibility across the network, as well as the ability to optimize inventory consumption, demand and productivity.

The increase in demand in Nike’s technology infrastructure responds to the company’s need to attract more workers to this division.In fact, it’s common for companies in high-skilled technical jobs to use referral programs to try to fill this gap.

Nike has a technology station open at its headquarters in Beaverton (USA), as well as new innovation offices in Atlanta and San Francisco.

Of Of the 1,732 job postings on the Nike site, 644 mention technology, including some as engineering Software and data and manager.

Referral program generates mixed opinions among employees

in conversation with internal businessEmployees criticized the new referral program. This media knows the identity of the employees, but can speak freely to the media.

A Nike employee said the company needed a sponsorship program because of the ultra-competitive war for tech talent.

Despite recent layoffs at tech companies, some workers are still looking to increase their pay, making it harder and more expensive to hire highly skilled employees.

Another activist called Nike’s tech talent pool very strong, regardless of sponsorship program.

However, a third party said the move reflected continued dissatisfaction among technical staff, including Low salary compared to the rest of the industry And the back-to-office policy means most have to work in person 3 days a week.

In April, Nike expanded its remote work options to include up to 4 work weeks per year. Employees can ask for one-week raises and combine them with vacations and even sabbaticals.

Employees also fear the program contradicts Nike’s efforts to make hiring more objective.

Over the years, Nike has been criticized for hiring too many of its employees’ friends and family. In recent times, work has been done to make this process fair as well as publicity.

One activist concluded, “A lot of tech companies stopped doing these candidate referral programs because they encouraged too homogenous a slate.

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