Matik launches a new product “Matik Team” to help individuals

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Matik, a data-driven content automation platform, today announced the launch of its new product, Matik Team. Matik Team allows individuals and small teams to automate the creation of any presentation that needs to be customized regularly or updated frequently.

As data-driven presentations become an essential part of how businesses communicate internally and externally, the overhead associated with creating them can have a significant impact on a company’s resources. Any type of content that requires the extraction of specific data and the development of visualizations can require the participation of several team members and hours of time.

The Matik team automates the process of creating these data-driven presentations – all users need to do is provide Matik with a few inputs, such as who the presentation is for or a specific date range, and Matik will generate a presentation natively in Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint out of the box. Key features include:

  • Connect to most data warehouses and applications, and via REST APIs, without ingesting data
  • Create presentation templates using Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint (Matik is not a presentation editor)
  • Use simple field searches or complex SQL queries to define metrics that can then be added to your presentation as text, tables, charts or images
  • Use if-then logic to automate whether a slide is kept or deleted
  • Edit presentations, even the tables and charts they contain, using Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint

“Data is a critical part of how we build trust with prospects and customers, and is a primary factor in how we make informed decisions with other team members,” said Nikola Mijic. , co-founder and CEO of Matik. “Collecting this data and forming an easily understandable narrative previously required significant manual effort, which meant that this type of content was used sparingly or consumed a large amount of a company’s resources. Matik automates the process of creating data-driven content so that the focus is once again on real content rather than data mining, and powerful insights can be brought to more people.

Matik offers a 30-day free trial of Matik Team with no credit card required. Examples of content that can be automated with Matik include quarterly/executive business reviews, renewal presentations, presentations, one-page ROI pages, weekly marketing metrics reviews, financial reports and Board presentations. Matik Team is ideal for customer success, sales, marketing, finance teams, and anyone who always uses data in their presentations.

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Matik is a platform that automates data-driven content creation, making it easy for anyone to tailor data and content to their specific audience. With Matik, teams can extract custom metrics, text, graphics, and tables directly into presentations and PDFs. Simply tell Matik who the content is for, and Matik will query the data and create the content. Created in 2019, Matik aims to make data accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical level. For more information, visit

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