Launch of new automotive test products and solutions showcased at EMV – Europe’s leading EMC conference

CEDAR PARK, Texas – July 8, 2022 – ETS-Lindgren will launch a new product, EMSense™ 40, and share updates on automotive solutions during EMV 2022, Europe’s leading electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) conference, which will will be held in Cologne, Germany from July 12-14. EMSense 40, ETS-Lindgren’s latest addition to the wideband E-Field probe series, meets or exceeds the requirements of automotive, MIL-STD and commercial EMC RF immunity standards. The laser-powered EMSense 40 electric field probe embodies the latest innovations in isotropic sensor design, low noise, and miniaturized electronics. Designed for a single probe frequency range of 10 MHz to 40 GHz, the EMSense 40 can read data continuously over the full dynamic range. Additionally, the data values ​​for each axis (X, Y, and Z) can be read individually or added together.

To learn more about the EMSense 40, visit ETS-Lindgren in Hall 10.2, Booth #311, and attend the “Optimizing Laser-Powered Electric Field Probe Measurements” presentation by Vincent Keyser, ETS-Lindgren’s Sales Director EMEA, in the Forum 618 area of ​​Hall 10.2 on Wednesday July 13, from 10:40 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. This educational presentation will explain how an understanding of the isotropic sensor behavior of modern laser-powered electronic field probes with low-noise, miniaturized electronics is critical to making accurate and repeatable measurements. Aspects such as amplitude linearity, frequency response, temperature drift, speed and non-isotropic behavior of the probe will be examined as important parameters which, once understood, optimize the use of the latest electronic field probe technology.

Returning to EMV as an expert speaker on rapidly developing automotive EMC test and measurement technology, Garth D’Abreu, Director of Automotive Solutions for ETS-Lindgren, will present at the Compact Forum located in the Forum area. 618 in Hall 10.2 on Tuesday, July 7, 12, from 2:40 p.m. to 3:40 p.m. The subject of the Compact Forum is “EMC Chambers for E-Vehicles: Implementation Options for E-Motor and E-Axle Test Systems” with speakers M. D’Abreu and Mario Propst, Senior Application Manager (E-Drive Testing) with AVL . “I always enjoy presenting at EMV as it is a hub for the automotive community in Europe. Attendees are knowledgeable and contribute to the discussion in our compact forum. We enjoy the hour-long interactive format where we showcase the latest automotive technology – this year related to electric vehicles – and exchange ideas with the public,” said D’Abreu.

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“While automotive EMC component testing is well established with emission and immunity testing based on several existing CISPR and ISO standards, we are seeing continued development in electric drive systems where automakers are optimizing designs and are evolving into electric axle drive variants where the drive motor, transmission and control electronics are more compact,” added D’Abreu. “In light of today’s standards, this presentation reviews basic recommendations for vehicle and component layout and discusses some of the layout variations needed to address differences in DUT designs. These variations result in differences in test chamber and system design, with consequences impacting overall size and cost. Mr. Propst and I will review practical and efficient options for implementing electric motor and electric axle test systems related to existing and new EMC chambers.

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