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If you’re in a rush, dry shampoo is great for eliminating those extra minutes in the shower. This allows your hair to last longer and get ready faster. The best part is that your hair always looks fabulous, rather than flat or dull. Dry shampoo is the best kept secret in hair care. That’s why, you shouldn’t hesitate to score the most popular dry shampoo currently on sale. Batiste’s original dry shampoo is 30% off online at Ulta, as well as brandwide thanks to Ulta’s latest spring sale. Brands like Redken and Biolage are worth looking into and trying, although they are not standouts. It’s always good to have options, of which Batiste offers plenty.

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Check out discounts on other Batiste dry shampoos that target specific concerns, like their hint of colored dry shampoos for blondes and dark-haired people, volumizing, and scented dry shampoos. But overall, the Original Dry Shampoo is the perfect choice for a quick refresh.

Original dry shampoo – Clean & Classic

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With Batiste Original Dry Shampoo, no one will notice that it’s day three of unwashed hair. This top-notch dry shampoo is an easy-to-use solution for low-light hair. The waterless formula instantly leaves your hair feeling clean and refreshed. It takes care of oily hair, especially at the root, with the help of keratin.

You can take this travel-friendly dry shampoo anywhere to give your hair new texture and volume. And don’t worry about the smell, this Batiste product also leaves a hint of fresh lavender. So, stop washing your hair regularly. Use Batiste Original Dry Shampoo between washes to rejuvenate and beautify.

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