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India is experiencing an unprecedented boom in data center infrastructure, driven by insatiable data consumption and lightning-fast digitization of households and businesses.

India had about 375MW of installed power capacity for data centers in 2020 and it is projected to grow threefold by 2025, opening up potential investments in data center infrastructure. data centers to the tune of US$5 billion.

Data centers require uninterrupted power and no entity can guarantee 100% uninterrupted commercial power. This requires a reliable and efficient UPS service partner.

Fuji Electric: A Recognized Leader Among Inverter Manufacturers

Fuji Electric has a proven track record in inverter technology, having accumulated knowledge and experience in manufacturing inverters since 1970.

Having manufactured and delivered over 20,000 UPS units for a combined total of 3.5 GVA and a reputation for providing superior service to 20 data center customers, Fuji Electric has proven its credentials as a service partner. Worldwide reliable UPS.

The company has been working in India for over 35 years and has a pan-Indian presence. All of its products and solutions are therefore based on more than three decades of field experience in developing standard and customized electric utility products that meet all quality parameters and customer needs.

Its operations in India built over three decades include over 4 lakhs of facilities, over 100 channel partners, over 80 service locations and factories in Chennai, Pune and Faridabad. It has more than 1,000 employees, DSIR approved R&D centers and around twenty points of sale.

Although Fuji Electric’s business in India also includes the manufacture of various electrical products such as electrical panels, transformers, programmable logic controllers, it is the first inverter manufacturer in the country offering uninterruptible power supply systems. (UPS) online for commercial and industrial applications in a range of 1KVA to 800KVA. .

What sets Fuji apart from others: quality, trust and reliability of service

The trust and customer confidence that Fuji Electric has built over the years comes not only from its longer stay in India, but also from unique, efficient and developed offerings through continuous innovation, R&D and the pursuit of excellence.

Furthermore, the company is constantly trying to replicate the successful product and service models in Japan and other markets in India.

Its world famous 7000HX series inverter features AT-NPC 3-level conversion technology. This data center inverter has reduced power loss by using the advanced neutral-point t-type 3-level conversion circuit (AT-NPC) and original new devices from Fuji Electric. Its inverter with SiC semiconductor and IEC panels offers the highest efficiency up to 97%.

Fuji Electric’s high-efficiency UPS systems help protect critical customer systems and data from power problems while helping to improve the global environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

It offers larger UPS solutions up to 2400KW in 3-phase 3-wire and 3-phase 4-wire configurations. They are equipped with proven technology for high reliability and UL and CE certified designs, the most respected technology certifications in the world.

The technology has been validated by simulating various operating conditions with various simulation software such as Matlab, PSIM, Hardware in Loop simulators, thermal simulators, etc.

Fuji inverters are equipped with 1, 2, 3 and 4 pole static transfer switches from 16 to 600 amps, active power filters up to 1000 amps for the reduction of harmonics, a modular static var generator for the active power factor correction from 125 to 375 KVAR, and the latest 3-level IGBT technology using Fuji reverse blocking IGBT with the lowest losses.

Fuji also plans to bring its upstream and downstream solutions to Japan with the FSMBE collaboration in India.

High quality service

A high quality product is only as good as its after-sales services. Fuji has, over the years, built credibility on its superior services, which has helped it win new customers and retain existing customers.

It offers comprehensive and reliable 24/7/365 customer support that includes high-quality software and total system management for installations. After-sales service is supported by experienced service personnel based all over Japan, ready to serve you at any time in case of emergency.

Fuji Electric has one of the largest service networks in Pan India represented by over 350 trained service engineers in over 80 locations spread across the country. Its service engineers are factory trained and also receive the latest tools to fix the problem on their first visit. Adequate spare parts are kept locally to reduce turnaround time to resolve any claims in the field.

Fuji Electric in India enjoys an active customer base of over 5,000 customers across all major industries in India. It enjoys a high customer retention rate with most customers contributing to customer retention. So if you are looking for a supplier in the power conditioning, power backup products, services and solutions space, Fuji Electric ticks all the boxes.

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