CCEP Expands Monster Ultra and Juiced Energy Drink Lines | Product News

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) brings more flavor to the energy drink cooler with the arrival of Monster Ultra Gold and Monster Khaotic.

Pineapple Flavored Sugar Free Ultra Gold is HFSS compliant and comes in shiny gold packaging.

Orange-flavored Monster Khaotic is a reworking of one of the original Monster Juiced variants, which has been slimmed down and has its juice blend adjusted to improve its taste. A bold and bright packaging design was created by legendary street artist RISK, bringing his iconic West Coast styling and vibrant presentation to capture the spirit of Monster Khaotic and deliver maximum shelf impact.

Both drinks are available in single, price-marked 500ml packs.

Monster Ultra remains the UK’s No.1 sugar-free energy drink range, up 41.4% in value (Nielsen Total GB incl dis MAT Val as of 01.01.22), while the Juiced range is worth £75m and growing by 60% (ibid), according to the CCEP.

Point of sale hardware including shelf strips, totems, wobblers, free standing displays. Proximity retailers can request point-of-sale materials through

Martin Attock, Vice President of Business Development at CCEP GB, said: “Monster has led the diversification of the energy sector in recent years, which has helped energy drinks attract more consumers, on more occasions. , offering the choice and great taste of non-alcoholic beverages, but with added functional benefits.

“Monster drove more than 50% of energy drinks’ £200m growth in 2021 (ibid), but it didn’t just put energy into energy drinks; it was the largest contributor of value for the entire soft drink category (ibid).

“The latest tasting variations will bring excitement to the energy fixture and help drive retailer sales, offering new flavors – with and without sugar – alongside high-octane marketing and in-store activation for which Monster is famous.”

Monster recently launched the next phase of its Sales Supercharged convenience store support initiative, where convenience stores offer tips on how to increase sales.

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