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A pill that claims to prevent hangovers went on sale in the UK today for the first time.

The people behind the hangover prevention pill say it will leave drinkers feeling refreshed after a night out.

The Myrkl supplement works by rapidly breaking down alcohol in the gut before it reaches the liver – they continue to break down alcohol for up to 12 hours.


For it to work most effectively, you need to take two pills 30 minutes before you start drinking, the company says.

According to research by the manufacturer, as well as Swedish pharmaceutical company De Faire Medical and the Pfützner Science & Health Institute, taking the tablets halves the concentration of alcohol within 30 minutes of consumption – this one drops to 70% after one hour.

Although you can’t buy them from pharmacies, you can get them online from Myrkl’s website, with a pack of 30 capsules costing you £30.


Myrkl CEO Håkan Magnusson called the pill a “game-changing product”, but stressed that it would work better for “moderate drinkers” rather than those looking to get really drunk.

He said: “This is the first time in history that a consumer product has been shown to effectively and quickly break down alcohol, we are very pleased to launch this game-changing product in the UK and on the most European markets.

“Moderate social drinking is an integral part of British culture, with the majority of Britons visiting every week to have a few drinks together.”

Meanwhile, Dr Dawn Harper said anyone who takes the pill will still get “some absorption and some of that joy you get when you drink alcohol”.

She added: “If you want to go out and get drunk, Myrkl would just say it would take you a lot longer and cost you a lot more. Where I see Myrkl might be relevant is for the large number of moderate drinkers in the UK.

The main reason we get hangovers is ethanol, which breaks down in the liver and causes dehydration, and can lead to the dizziness, headaches and thirst we associate the morning after a busy night out. .

Myrkl’s pills contain special bacteria and amino acids that break down alcohol into water and carbon dioxide.

This means smaller amounts of ethanol are broken down in the liver – the tablets also contain vitamin B12 to help boost energy levels.

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