Apple’s back-to-school sale is back – here’s what’s on offer in 2022

Apple’s back-to-school sale is back in 2022 in a new guise, offering gift cards worth up to $150 with a qualifying purchase of a Mac or iPad.

AppleThe annual Back to School Sale is back for 2022, offering discounts and promotions exclusively for students and teachers on qualifying Mac and iPad purchases. Summer is fast approaching and students will be returning to their classrooms in the coming months. An important part of preparing for back to school is choosing the device that will power a student’s work, especially in a post-pandemic world built around emerging technologies. Students will need devices that can take notes, video call, etc., depending on their area of ​​study. Apple wants these devices to be Macs or iPads, and offers an annual back-to-school sale to make getting into the company’s ecosystem more affordable.


This year, students looking to buy an Apple device for school have more options than ever. The iPad is a note-taking powerhouse when paired with the Apple Pencil and has processing power on par with thin and light laptops. Both the iPad Pro and iPad Air have configurations featuring the same M1 processor found in last year’s MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops, and those devices will get an improved multitasking experience in the fall with Internship Manager. For students who want a more traditional laptop experience, a redesigned MacBook Air and a familiar MacBook Pro will soon be available with the company’s latest M2 chip.

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Apples education store offers discounts on select Macs and iPads year-round for students and teachers, but there are additional bonuses for purchases during the annual back-to-school sale. Typically, Macs are $100 off and iPads $50 off for students and teachers, but savings may vary depending on product and configuration. AppleCare Protection Plans also get a 20% discount on the company’s Education Store, and there are also small discounts for certain accessories. During the annual back-to-school sale, students and teachers typically receive free AirPods with a qualifying purchase, but that changed in 2022. Instead of getting a free pair of headphones, shoppers will receive a card- Apple gift that can be used for other Apple devices, accessories or services.

Apple Back-To-School: How to buy and what you’ll get

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Students and educators looking to purchase a new device will receive a $150 gift card with the purchase of a Mac and a $100 gift card with the purchase of an iPad. This is in addition to the already impressive discounts that Apple offers with education prices. The redesigned 14-inch MacBook Pro is $150 with education pricing, and the larger 16-inch model is discounted by $200. The 13-inch MacBook Pro and all-new MacBook Air are both $100 off with Apple’s Education Discount, which means buying an Apple Silicon laptop can cost as little as $1,099. $ for the MacBook Air. With a $150 gift card in tow, it’s possible to get a MacBook for less than a thousand dollars – but it’s worth noting that the gift card can’t be used towards the initial purchase of a Mac or an iPad. iPad Air and iPad Pro are both $50 off and come with a $100 gift card during the sale period.

The shift from headphones to gift cards gives students and teachers more flexibility when purchasing an Apple device. Since the gift card can be used on any Apple product or service, strong deals can be created during the sales period. For example, the $100 iPad gift card can be used to add an Apple Pencil at no additional cost. Students and educators can get creative on product pairings to save even more, like with an iPad and MacBook combo that can result in up to $250 in discounts and $250 in gift card value. With changes to Apple’s Education Store earlier this year, offers will be limited to verified students and educators. People with a valid student ID or .edu email address from a participating college or university can access Appleor visit a store in person for discounts and rewards.

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