Advanced active packaging solutions to prevent capsule fragility: Dhairy Sharma, Technico-Commercial, Cilicant

Dhairy Sharma, Technical Sales, Cilicant, started his presentation by thanking Mehta for his keynote address, in which he extensively explained how quality is a crucial factor in drug manufacturing. Sharma said making quality and safe products is halfway through a journey. Providing this optimum quality product throughout its shelf life is also an important task, and as an active manufacturer, Cilicant has realized that each product is unique and requires different stability solutions. He then made a comparison between moisture content and water activity and explained the various factors associated with these two elements. He explained that moisture content is the total amount of water molecules and is quantitative in nature, as well as being a driving force that decides how to choose the right packaging.

He then explained one of the products, Accuflip, offered by Cilicant, which is an equilibrium relative humidity (ERH) controller that regulates ERH within a specified range to protect the product. It regulates ERH to 20 ± 5% relative humidity in the closed primary packaging and prevents excessive desiccation of capsule cells. It has a specialized sorbent that adsorbs and deabsorbs moisture at the same time. Elaborating further on the relationship between water activity and ERH, he mentioned that water activity is a ratio between the vapor pressure of water inside the sample and the vapor pressure of pure water at the same temperature. Also, pure water has a water activity of one. Therefore, in the context of pharmaceutical packaging, the reason behind treating ERH is to multiply the water activity by 100, and Accufilip maintains this ERH to protect the capsules.

Finally, he summed up his presentation with the following statement: “The right solution at the right time is really important.”

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